HELLABY - Prime Steer Beef Ribeye Roll (avg weight 4-5kg) Price per KG


Pasture-raised sustainable, free-range beef. Hellaby's is bred agnostic. This means that they select from a range of breeds with the belief that there is more variance within a breed and there is between them. They handpick the beef to ensure consistency. It is Grass-Fed, Free-Range, Sustainably farmed and has no added Hormones. The beef is not feedlot grain or corn fed. It revels in the natural sustainable and abundant goodness of the South Islands lush grass pastures. Please note - this price is per kilogram of Ribeye. We weigh the Primal cut and come back to you with an Exact price. These Ribeye Rolls are anywhere between 3.5kg - 4.5 kg each If you type 4 into the quantity button when ordering you will get a estimated price. RIBEYE ROLL Also Known As: Beef Rib, Ribeye, Lip-On; Prime RIb; Ribeye Roast, Boneless This exceptionally tender and flavorful boneless roast consists of three muscles that are fabricated into the Ribeye Steak, Ribeye Roast, and sometimes Ribeye Filet and Ribeye Cap Steak.

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