Biltong & Bier Sticks

All our meat used at Canterbury Biltong is Quality Mark export-grade topside steak supplied to Canterbury Meat Packers by farmers who are required to complete an Animal Status Declaration with strict guidelines controlling the feeding, handling and general care of the pasture fed animals.The meat processing works supply Canterbury Biltong with Manufacturers Declarations and use meat sourced and processed under New Zealand Beef and Lamb’s Quality Mark Standard.

The Quality Mark Standard ensures that the meat used is: 

  • Sourced from New Zealand animals that have not been treated with growth promotants or reacted to TB testing.
  • Processed in licenced plants operating under a Quality Assurance programme covering animal welfare, food-safety and animal transport.
  • Traceble back to the producing farm or where it originated from.
  • Classified under an export classification system approved by the New Zealand Meat Board.
  • Processed using a prescribed and appropriate electrical stimulation, chilling and ageing regime to ensure the tenderness standard has been met by the time the product is on sale.